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Rent - A - Teen Fundraiser

Our teens are ready to work. This fundraiser will help our students raise funds for NYC '23

Rooted Student Ministries has several able-bodied and able-minded teens ready to work for you! If you need help with raking leaves, yard work, gift-wrapping, setting up your remote control, babysitting, cleaning out gutters, etc. We have the teen for you!

The Rent-A-Teen program provides opportunities for our students to raise money for NYC 2023 next summer. 

Hire teens to perform various tasks with the money earned going into the student’s account for NYC. This is a wonderful program that enables youth to not only attend NYC, but also to build relationships with the people in our congregation and community.

If you have a need that our youth can help you with, please fill out the information below and hit submit. The Rent-A-Teen program will operate year-round, so requests can be submitted at any time. Upon receiving a request, we will respond confirming receipt and again as soon as we have found youth available to rent. All Payments will be made to Regency Park Church of the Nazarene NYI.

Thank you for your support!